The Swiss way of measuring power




The Model 31 is a battery operated, handy size Power Analyzer which is available in single- and three phase version. It is a valuable engineering tool designed to offer precision measurement on all types of signals including electronic drives.




100 mA-50 A, DC to 300 kHz

1 V-1000 V, DC to 300 kHz

0.3 W-150 kW, no CT's required

Line-to-line voltage, torque, efficiency

Harmonics 1-63, IEC1000-3-2

Measures rms-, power-, and harmonic values

Data logging for dynamic processes

Built in RS-232, Operating Software under Windows


Stores user defined configurations

Combined numeric and graphic fields

Simultaneous measurements in 3-phase system

All data, including harmonics in real time

Efficient data transfer to computer



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