The Swiss way of measuring power



The selection of our power meters has been extended by one instrument type, the Spectral Power Converter PC11.

The PC11 is available as a three-, four- and six-phase version and can be operated completely via Windows software. Thus, your own computer becomes a universal power meter.

Notable features are: wide bandwidth (DC to 2MHz), four current inputs, 18Bit measurement resolution, calculations of all major sizes of power electronics, motor and transformer values, harmonic readings, power and analog inputs.





Available as 3-, 4- and 6-phase instrument

Highest precision available: 0.02% + 0.02% range

4 current inputs: 1mA–1A, 15mA–5A, 1A–50A, Shunt

Voltages Ranges: 0.3V to 1000V

Optional interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232/USB, IEEE-488


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