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  • I would like to store my 106A instrument settings - How can I do it?


    First you configure the display area and the graphics area. Select the current input, select the desired ranges or select auto-ranging, select the measurement time, and the synchronization. Select the attributes of the displayed quantities such as AC- or DC-coupling, or integration. Also configure the RS-232-, the IEEE-488 interface, and set the scaling factors. To save the complete setting under setting number 12 you proceed by selecting the SETUP menu (M6). Move the cursor to "Setup Save No 00". Press the SET key to advance the save number. When set to 12 press ESCape (M1). This will store the complete instrument setting under setting number 12. Valid "Setup Save No" are: 01, 02, .... 19, 20.THIS IS HOW THE 106A STARTS UP IN THE DESIRED CONFIGURATIONThe default start up No is 00. To have a start up under No 12 you proceed as follows: Enter the SETUP menu (M6). Move the cursor to "Setup Recall No 00" and press SET to advance the recall number to 12. Press ESCape (M1). From now on the 106A starts up in the saved configuration 12. You can always go back to the default startup by selecting "Startup No 00". Valid "Setup Recall No" are 00, 01, ... 19, 20.

  • How can I change the 106A display configuration?


    You have the choice of selecting current values: rms, mean, rectified mean, crest factor, minimum, maximum, peak-to-peak, and form factor. Values four voltage, four power related quantities, frequency, three energies, charge, and harmonics of current , voltage, and power. Any one of these measured values you can place at any location on the display. We recommend to place the most important quantities at the top of the display. This is how you modify the display, at one place, for example, the quantity at the bottom of the first column.Move the cursor to this location and press the SET-key. A table appears in which you can select the quantity of your choice by moving the cursor to this position in the table. Press the SET-key to place the new quantity on the display. NOTE: When you make above changes they will be valid for phase L1, L2, and L3. The 3-phase display "ALL" is changed accordingly.


  • My 107A graphic area is too small - Can I change the size?


    The number field and the graphic area of the power analyzer can be increased or decreased using the menu SPLIT (M4). Press the menu control key M4 to enter the menu "ESC, EXP, RED, , , ," which allows you now to alter the graphic area. With EXP (=expand) you can increase it and with RED (=reduce) you can decrease it. To return to the main menu press M1 (ESC). NOTE: The graphic area is valid for the display of phase L1, L2, and L3. For the 3-phase display "ALL" there is no graphic area available.


  • Saving DC23-Battery Tester instrument settings?


    Before turning off the tester you can save the settings and have the tester start up in the same configuration as you left it. The operating mode and the memory storage location N are saved. To save the setting: press MENU key. Now press the EXIT key twice quickly. Turn off tester.

  • Where can I download the latest NI-VISA driver?


    Go to  National Instruments to download the latest version of the NI-VISA driver and all installation information.


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